Flower Subscription Service

Terms & Conditions

Your official flower subscription service will not begin until your contract has been agreed in writing and the standing order has been set up.


  • All fortnightly and monthly flower deliveries will be timed in sync with other Little Garden customers so that we can afford to offer a saving on delivery fees. For this reason, the start date of your flower subscription will be decided based on where we fall on the existing subscription rota.


  • Your subscription bouquet will be made up using a selection of the finest blooms available that week. Special requests for certain colours or flowers are possible, but never guaranteed.


  • If at any point you are going away on holiday, your flowers will be deferred to the end of your contracted period. This means you will still receive the same total number of bouquets, but it wont interrupt our delivery rota.


  • Your free £20 gift bouquet for a friend must be scheduled for delivery during your contracted period. For this, we will require a separate payment for the delivery fee. Our normal 15-mile delivery radius applies.


  • Our flower subscription period is available for 11 months of the year from February– December. If you would like to start your subscription in late Summer or Autumn and continue it into Spring, we will pause at the end of December and resume your subscription routine in February. We are still able to take flower orders in January, but the seasonality of the flowers does not allow enough variety for interesting regular bouquets every week, so we find this is the best option.


  • If your usual delivery fee is less than £5, the £5 discount will be removed from the price of the flowers instead. For example, Gaydon customers (always free delivery) would receive a bouquet to the value of £30 for just £25.


  • If your contracted period includes the month of December, you have the option to sub your bouquet out for a festive wreath instead. This will be handled on a case by case basis and the monies will be handled accordingly.


  • On any occasion where you have referred a friend to this service and they have subscribed to either of our packages, you and your friend will receive an extra £10’s worth of flowers on your next delivery. This is only applicable if you both are members of the Flower Subscription Service.


  • If you have opted for Package 2, your contract will admit you to one Little Garden workshop of your choice. This workshop does not have to take place during your contracted period but must take place within 12 months from your contract start date.


  • If you have opted for Package 2, your free admission to a Little Garden workshop is only valid for a class with a ticket value of up to £50. If you would like to attend a class which has a ticket value of £51 or more, you have the option to pay the difference.