About Little Garden


About Little Garden

Little Garden is a small floral studio based in Gaydon. Tucked away behind the family cottage, our picturesque private workspace is an idyllic hideout for creating wild and natural floral arrangements.

We largely do what any florist shop would - but without the public shopfront. Our arrangements are available for delivery or collection by appointment, and we often open our space up to the public for workshops and cutting-patch walks through the Summer.

Heading up the show is floral designer and artist Lois Golding. Lois studied photography at Falmouth University, Cornwall, where her love for the rich yet simple tones of analogue film grew. But it was the experience of living in Cornwall - lazing on beaches, getting lost in sub-tropical gardens, and appreciating the true magic of the landscape - that led Lois to recognise her love of nature, and inspired the next step in her journey.​

Floral design calls on an eye for composition and an instinct for colour, both qualities practised intently in the art of photography. Combining this with a love for cultivating and growing, so over the last five years Little Garden has developed into something truly unique. 

Our arrangements are wild and chaotic, full of foliage, dripping with delicacy, and punctuated with bold dramatic colours. Little Garden floristry has that 'just picked’ style - an impression of natural woodland, yet with flowers expertly placed. 

With nature being at the heart of what we do, Lois' upmost priority is to ensure the work we produce is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Insisting on working with British flowers 95% of the year, flowers designed by Little Garden also often come plastic, pesticide and floral-foam free, in a personal campaign to reduce any negative impact on the planet. Read more about our sustainable policy on the British Flowers page.

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